Management Team

Sid Vasili


The CEO and founder of Invapay Sid is known as an industry leader within the payment, finance and procurement world. His passion for clarity in organisational financial management has meant Sid has spent his working life breaking the mould and optimising processes. Frustrated at the usual approach to doing business, Sid has developed organisations which specialise in true innovation. The consistent theme in each company has been 'there's a better way to do this’. A Thought Leader within the payment industry Sid can be often found speaking at international industry events.

Nicholas Lloyd


Nicholas has over 35 years’ experience in technology and specialises in process optimisation and innovation within the Finance and Payments arena. He has a talent for resolving seemingly intractable problems at short notice and has always managed to improve company performance and increase profits, not only by automating processes to increase throughput and remove human error, but also improving the products as delivered to customers and prospects.

John Vasili

Director of Business Development

John has over 23 years within the payments and BPO industry and is recognised for making complicated financial transactions simple. His strategic aim is to create value for corporate customers and partners through process optimisation and innovation. John is regarded as global expert within the Commercial Cards and Payments industry.

Sarah Vasili

Director of Operations and Customer Support

Sarah specialises in operational excellence and exceeding customer expectations. Her wealth of experience within customer service management and process automation has enabled Sarah to support and deliver transaction processing to European Financial Shared Service Centres, Global Corporations and BPO. Sarah's passion for delivering an excellent customer experience is widely recognised within the industry.

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